Celebrating a Brewing Culture – Leeuwarden – Valletta 2018

Celebrating a Brewing Culture

Both Malta and Friesland have a well established brewing industry with one or two beers that are internationally renowned. Furthermore the MCAST Institute of Applied Sciences and the MBO Life Sciences (Nordwin College) offer programmes related to food and beverage technology. Given this expertise the colleges in collaboration with other key industry stakeholders from both countries shall design and produce a limited edition beer as part of the 2018 cultural programme.
This beer would be innovative in itself as it will strive to blend together the different tastes of both Maltese and Frisian beer lovers. Potentially, local industry will back up this project with the possibility of further development. Maltese students would need to travel for training at Nordwin College, where they have the set up and expertise to provide education on brewery. This will require an intensive training period.
Apart from the learning experience for the students who will see this project through from inception to completion, this beer shall be served as part of the Dinner 2018 in Leeuwarden. This dinner is organised jointly by Friesland College and Nordwin College as part of the Leeuwarden 2018 cultural programme.