Children’s Book Design – Leeuwarden – Valletta 2018

Children’s Book Design

Students from MCAST and D'Drive will collaborate in the creation and design of children's books. The funds being requested for this outcome relate to (a) mobilising students to work together on this project as much as possible face-to-face and (b) for the printing and publishing of the selected book designs with the aim of distributing them among children of the relevant age. It is hoped that through this project, children in Malta and Friesland will be given exposure to the meaning of the ECoC and its relevance to them as current young citizens and future adult ones.
Book designs will be developed (from concept, to narrative and final realisation) by students from MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts and Friesland College D'Drive School for the Creative Industries. Specialised in Graphic Design, these learners will ideally meet and connect to work as a team to generate ideas about the design of a children's book that links to their capital city. The designs produced by a number of teams will be presented to lecturers and members of the administration and possibly to selected members of the ECoC foundations. Following feedback, the students will work remotely to finalise designs by end of January 2018. Funding will also be necessary if books are to be printed and distributed as planned.