Working together towards 2018 and beyond

Valletta, Malta, and Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, both awardees for the prestigious European Cultural Capital in 2018, are collaborating to create European-wide awareness on the cities culture, traditions and socio-environmental issues.

The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) and D-Drive (Friesland College), are both vocational colleges and situated in Malta and Leeuwarden. The two institutions offer similar programmes of study and will be collaborating on various projects.

Project web portal

Various projects across different vocational disciplines are currently in development.

Most joint projects will involve The Institute of Art and Design and will focus on various disciplines namely 3D Design, Graphic Design, Interactive Media and Gaming, Fine Arts and Media (Moving Image).

Collaboration between students from both colleges has already started by the designing and construction of this web portal. The portal is set up to provide information and services relevant to the ongoing projects. The public will be able to access updated information, live video streams from both cities, interactivities and games. Members will be able to access project-specific services including academic material, information on stakeholders, reports, photography and video, etc.

It will provide the opportunity for registered users to upload relevant material for dissemination purposes and produce an online portfolio to showcase their work.

The future is bright for MCAST and D'Drive. In fact, the collaboration will not end in 2018. On the contrary, the alliance will establish a new association of colleges and educational institutions that will pave the way for future joint projects and collaborations beyond 2018. In the near future educational institutions from other European Cultural Capitals will become involved as well. The possibilities are endless.