First week collaberation Mcast and Friesland College

May 25, 2016
10:51 am - 10:51 am


First week collaberation Mcast and Friesland College

We had our work done and we were ready to go to Malta, when we arrived were immediately taken to the Mcast. When we arrived at Mcast we have got a nice welcome, they old us about the collaberation and about the history of Malta after the meeting they brought us delicious cultural food from Malta. The next day we meeted the group that were going to collaberate with, it was a group of around 30 Malteze graphic designers so it took a lot of organization from both sides to made it work. The Mcast students also had much ideas for the logo, color scheme and portal. After we and the Mcast students presented our ideas to eachother, we splitted again into 2 groups, both groups contained Mcast and Friesland College Students, after a lot of drawing, discussing, presenting and listening we had 2 main logos with color schemes. After voting with the whole group we came to a final logo and color scheme, now al we needed was a final portal concept. So we handed out tasks so everybody knows what to do, at home we and the Mcast students worked further on the concept. After the weekend on Monday our concept was finished.

– Silvan Fennema