Info Point Design – Leeuwarden – Valletta 2018

Info Point Design

Design and development of a concept and ideation for an information point (or information points) that will be strategically located in the respective capitals of culture in 2018. Through interactive elements and information provision, these info points will allow visitors to navigate the capital as well as informing them about the ECoC cultural programme and related activities and events.
This project will bring together students from three different VET institutions - MCAST, Friesland College and Roc Fries Poort - as they meet face to face and online to define the concept and eventually to design and produce it.
It is envisaged that students should resort to innovative elements that are informative but also interactive in order to engage users in different ways (e.g. digital interactivity but also physical interactivity).
Funding is essential for this project from three aspects:
1. Student/Staff mobility for project design and development (planned October/November 2017 so that realisation may be finalised by end of December 2017)
2. Student/Staff mobility for content development and production
3. Project ideation and realisation (materials and production costs) - it is envisaged that final info point/s be in place by beginning 2018.
This project will also involve students from different disciplines namely:
-- Graphic Design and Media students: Concept development including defining the project in terms of use, target users, media, content and so on;
--- Media Moving Image students: content development and production;
--- 3D Design students: Info Point design (structural)
This project will be challenging in that different aspects of it will need to be tackled by different groups, thus making it both cross-disciplinary as well as transnational.
Are you interested in the products? You can find them here. If you have participated in the project you can also upload your materials there.