Nordwin College – Leeuwarden – Valletta 2018

Nordwin College

Nordwin College

We inspire and teach people to work on a sustainable,

beautiful world with passion and professionalism.

Nordwin College is an education centre for pre-vocational education, VET vocational education and

Course & Contract with a focus on sustainability and nature.

Our VET (vocational education) offers 21 different VET courses at 4 different levels within the School

based setting (regular education combined with an internship) and Work based setting (regular

education combined with a relevant job of at least 20 hours a week).

Our Course & Contract department is the partner in the areas of education, projects, events and


In total Nordwin College has 3500 students and 400 teachers.

Nordwin College offers the following educations:

• Flower & Design

• Nature & Recreation

• Garden, Park & Landscape

• Animal husbandry

• Agricultural wage work

• Cultivation and technology

• Green retail trade

• Wholesale trade & logistics

• Animal care

• Veterinary assistant

• Equestrian sport and horse farming

• Food technology

• Laboratory technology

• Process technology

• Environmental management

• Water management and technology


It’s our mission to inspire current and new generations to develop their talents, so they can be of

value to themselves, to a sustainable economy and to a liveable and healthy world. We are the

educational institute that’s involved in these areas as an educational partner throughout the

whole of the north of the Netherlands. Sustainability is an integral part of our day and our

education. We are presenting ourselves as a regional strategic partner that is developing fruitful

links and we are firmly rooted in society.

Mission statement

We inspire and teach people to work on a sustainable, beautiful world with passion and professionalism.


Vision Vocational education

Focusing on skill, top sectors and regional developments are the challenges for vocational

education. The link with the outside world - regional, global and sectoral - is being intensified,

on all levels. We’re firmly positioning the craftsman schooling next to manager and entrepreneur

schooling. There’s a lot of demand for good craftsmen. We’re flexible and supply a tailor-made

education, as to continue to connect to the demand of young people and the job market.

We’re preparing our education participants for their profession and citizenship, in which they

can play an active role in making our global economy more sustainable.

Vision life long learning and courses

Together with business and government we’re connecting people in order to learn, develop and

innovate together. In this way we’re contributing to fun and challenging education and to availability

of competent employees in schools and businesses. Training programs will be deployed as an instrument  for life long learning.