Opera Aida – Leeuwarden – Valletta 2018

Opera Aida

The design, development and production of a full-blown opera, which will be spearheaded by Ms Corina van Eijk, artistic director of the Opera Spanga and is one of the major highlights of the ECoC 2018 Cultural Programme both in Malta and Leeuwarden.  The goal is that of "invigorating the art of opera and taking it off the pedestal it occupies in culture land and putting it where it belongs - in people's hearts" (www.operaspanga.nl). This is achieved through a merging of the original score by Verdi to a contemporary scenario.
The Opera Aida by Opera Spanga will be featured in Leeuwarden in July/August 2018 and in Malta in September 2018.
Possibly the broadest and largest project in scope, the production of this opera will involve students from a variety of departments from both Malta and Friesland, working together in collaboration with a real theatre production house, the Opera Spanga. Students will be directed by Ms van Eijk, in collaboration with members of the Opera Spanga team, and with the assistance of the professional VET staff from MCAST and D'Drive. Design professionals such as Charles and Ron are also participants of this didactic project. Different workgroups have already been assigned and scheduled for the different production activities as follows:
--- Performing Arts Students: Actors, stage hands
--- Fashion Design Students: Design and production of costumes and accessories
--- Cultural Heritage Students: Production of heritage accessories
--- Fine Art Students: Asset creation
--- Graphic Design Students: Storyboarding and animation to be projected on backdrop
--- Spatial Design Students: Stage, set and prop design
--- Carpentry and Joinery Students: Production of set and props
--- Media Moving Image Students: Green screen filming, editing and production sequences and compositing
--- Hair and Beauty Students: Hair, Wigs and Make up design and production
Ms Van Eijk, together with staff from D'Drive School for the Creative Industries, has already visited MCAST three times, initially for introductory and planning meetings with staff, and finally (in November and December 2016) to brief all the students involved in the projects and to give them detailed guidance on the vision of the opera and its production. The same briefing will be carried out imminently with Dutch students, who will likewise participate in this production development.

Production Works in Malta.

MCAST Hair & Beauty Students & Staff in Full Swing while Working on the Opera Production in Spanga.