Roc Friese Poort

Roc Friese Poort is a vocational training for youth and adults. The institute serves for approximately 13,500 students. A wide range of training and educational courses are offered by this institute. The courses can be provided for short-term or long-term which are based on a number of years.

Some of the courses provided by Roc Friese Poort:

  • Media
  • Infrastructure
  • IT & Gaming
  • Business
  • Education
  • Maritime
  • Care


Roc Friese Poort cooperates with companies, municipalities, trade associations, knowledge centres, and institutions. This would ensure the connection of the training offered with the developments in the industry. The training is based on learning and working. In the courses practical training and guidance is provided. In addition, an approved apprenticeship is offered to gain more experience in the field.


Roc Friese Poort published a vision document ‘Skilled worker, a foundation for the future’ in which describes the institute’s vision over the years. The institute will have accomplished a number of achievements by 2016.

Achievements for 2016:

  • is a partner in the labour market
  • involves parents in the school
  • works with professionals
  • provides space for personal development
  • has a strong offer for adults


Roc Friese Poort has ten institutes available around Netherland.


  • Leeuwarden, Anne Wadmanwei
  • Leeuwarden, Wilaarderburen
  • Dokkum, Bird Earthing Straatweg
  • Drachten, Splitting
  • Drachten, Wetterwille
  • Emmeloord Espelerlaan
  • Sneek, Harste
  • Sneek, Eeltjebaasweg
  • Office Roc Friese Poort Work (Adult Education)
  • Urk, Long Cane