Sustainable Seating Design – Leeuwarden – Valletta 2018

Sustainable Seating Design

Design students from MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts and D'Drive School for the Creative Industries will be working in tandem on the concept development and prototype design of seating made from sustainable materials and/or processes. These seating designs are expected to be innovative and site specific, so that they may be appropriate for use within different contexts in the respective capital cities. Sharing of education practice and processes in sustainable design is fundamental for this project so students and staff should physically oversee sustainable module delivery by their peers.
Funding is also being requested for the realisation (building/making) of these concepts. Funding is necessary for the procurement of required materials as well as for services that may be needed in the making processes. Funding with respect to mobility of students and staff for collaboration on this project will also be necessary. This will be included in the students' curricula, and thus learners will be accredited for their achievement in terms of the design process.