Valletta 2018


Valletta has undergone many changes in its lifetime. One of these changes is its shift from a military outpost to a commercial hub. Valletta is one of the leading centres of commercial activity found on the island boasting a myriad of firms which deliver specialised services to their clientele.

The city is also a great shopping district, housing a labyrinth of shops, boutiques and small shopping arcades within the confines of its fortified walls. It is also home to a variety of boutique hotels, cafés and bars found in different areas around the city, as well as its surrounding areas, such as the Valletta Waterfront Area.

Valletta 18

The Valletta 2018 Foundation aims to stimulate cultural, social and economic regeneration in Valletta and the Maltese Islands through collaboration, exchange and innovative practice.

The Valletta 2018 Foundation is responsible for the European Capital of Culture programme in Malta. The programme consists of events and projects developed with various local and international communities. It is being developed organically in preparation for the year 2018.

The Valletta 2018 Foundation is responsible for Valletta’s journey towards the title of the European Capital of Culture in Malta in 2018. The Foundation was responsible for the bidding process starting with the pre-selection phase in January 2012, the final selection in October 2012 and the official declaration by the Council of Ministers in May 2013. The implementation of Valletta’s project for 2018 lies within the Foundation’s remit.

Valletta 2018 has a clear message for its counterpart ECoC 2018- Leeuwaarden – and other designated European Capitals of Culture: we are an ‘Environment of Exchange’, open to collaboration with you throughout our shared ECoC journey.